Hello, my beautiful friends,

Today, I will be sharing the morning routine that has changed my life over the past year and transformed the morning from my least favorite time of the day to the time I am looking most forward to every night.

WEIRD right?

It would seem weird to my one-year younger self. Until a year ago, I just HATED when my alarm went off in the mornings.

Before finding the perfect morning routine that is suitable for me, I had basically no morning routine. On weekdays, I usually would wake up at about 7.30 am, half an hour before I had to leave for school. So, you can imagine the rush: Eating breakfast, getting dressed, packing my backpack, brushing my teeth, and washing my face in only 30 minutes. And the worst part of it all was that although I would get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep the night before, I would still be tired and unmotivated in the morning.

Sounds familiar?

Back then, I had no idea about meditation, journaling, and other things that improve your mental health and productivity levels. After learning more about all these things, I decided to create a morning routine that would suit my personal needs, where I would wake up with the purpose of enjoying life and making the best out of it, rather than just waking up so I would not be late for school.

So, to cut a long story short, this is what my mornings from 5.30 am to 8 am look like, after one year of changes, adaptations, and lots of self-observation.


Before we start, I want to clarify that I am not waking up every day at 5.30 am. Every day varies depending on my schedule.

Setting an early wake-up time will allow you to have extra time in the morning, not specifically for getting more chores done but for waking up your body and mind more slowly and be ahead of time, instead of rushing to get out of the door at the last minute.

And I know this feeling very well, remember, I used to be that person for many years.

So, I recommend scheduling your wake-up time approximately 2 hours before you have to leave home.

If you need some help waking up, I would recommend trying the alarmy app, where you have to complete one of its various fun missions of your choice, such as taking a picture or completing a small memory task to turn off the alarm clock. I know it sounds a little bit annoying, but it surely helps you wake up with much less effort!

05.30 AM-05.45 AM TAKE IT SLOW

I allow myself a couple of minutes to wake-up; as I said, we don’t like forcing things in the morning.

Because in most countries it is still pitch-black outside at that time, turning on the lights right away could cause you a headache. To avoid that, I try to do everything during those 15 minutes in complete darkness, or sometimes I light a candle to make the atmosphere more romantic.

Don’t forget to drink water as soon as you wake up!

05.45 AM-06.30 AM WORKOUT TIME

I put on my workout clothes, fill my water bottle and head downstairs to my little gym room to start my 45-minute morning workout.

Two reasons why I recommend working out first thing in the morning:

Number one: You wake up both your body and mind in the best way possible and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Number two: You get it out of the way immediately so that you don’t have to worry about fitting it later on the day between work and house chores.

06.30 AM-06.35 AM MEDITATION

I added those 5 minutes of guided morning meditation to my morning routine only a month ago, and I have already noticed HUGE differences in my mindset during the day.

Dedicate as much time as it feels right for you to morning meditation, and you will very soon understand what I mean by this.


I give myself half an hour to take a shower, do skincare and get dressed.

Thinking that this used to be the time I dedicated to my whole morning routine is CRAZY.

I use this time to listen to a podcast or some relaxing music, get lost in my thoughts, and think about the tasks I need to complete on that day.


Journaling is also quite a new adaptation to my morning routine. If you haven’t journaled before, you may think it’s a waste of time- at least that was what I used to think about five months ago. Surprisingly to me, I now find that this is the most crucial part of my morning routine, and whatever happens in the morning, I try to dedicate some time to write down my thoughts.

You can write everything you are in the mood for, from a gratitude list to a grocery list, and that’s what I love the most about journaling.

07.30 AM-08.00 AM BREAKY TIME

I always was a breakfast lover so giving myself extra time to cook healthy breakfast was one of my primary goals when planning my morning routine.

I set up a challenge to drink a homemade juice every morning and, so far, it is going pretty well. I love getting my vitamins first thing in the morning. I also make either some avocado on toast or some hard-boiled eggs with cheese and tomatoes.


And there I am, leaving home ahead of time, ready to smash the day ahead of me!

And that is the morning routine that brought me success to many aspects of my life but, most importantly, helped me shape a much more positive mindset for each day.

I did it, you can do it too!

At this point, I want to say that waking up early in the morning is not always butterflies and rainbows. There are some days when I feel tired to wake up or unmotivated to workout. And that is more than normal. When you are feeling this way, you should listen to your body. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be resilient, but pushing yourself to do things it doesn’t feel like doing is the worst mistake. Just remember, those mornings are the time to dedicate to yourself and to self-growth rather than a race of trying to wake up earlier and getting more things done than the previous day.